NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice 2019: What You Need to Know

NASA has released a new Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) for 2019, which outlines the agency`s requirements and guidelines for partnering with industry, academia, and other government agencies on various research and development projects. This notice provides important information for potential partners who are interested in working with NASA and leveraging its resources to advance their own goals.

What is a Cooperative Agreement?

A Cooperative Agreement is a legal agreement between NASA and a partner organization (such as a university or a private company) that outlines the terms and conditions for collaboration on a specific project. Unlike a grant, which is an award of financial assistance, a Cooperative Agreement involves a substantial degree of collaboration and interaction between the two parties. NASA uses Cooperative Agreements to work with partners who may have resources, expertise, or capabilities that the agency does not, with the goal of advancing both parties` interests.

What Projects Qualify for a NASA Cooperative Agreement?

NASA is interested in partnering with organizations on a wide range of projects, including research and development in areas such as aeronautics, space technology, and exploration. Projects must align with NASA`s strategic goals and objectives, and must be designed to advance the state of the art in aerospace technology. NASA is particularly interested in projects that support its current mission priorities, which include:

– Developing capabilities for sustainable human exploration of space

– Advancing aeronautics research to enable new aircraft designs and efficient airspace operations

– Studying the Earth and its climate system to understand and mitigate the effects of climate change

– Conducting fundamental science research to improve understanding of the universe and our place in it

How to Apply for a NASA Cooperative Agreement

To apply for a Cooperative Agreement with NASA, interested parties must respond to a specific announcement or solicitation that outlines the agency`s requirements for the project. These announcements are typically posted on the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) website, which is the primary portal for NASA solicitations and proposals.

Once an announcement is made, interested parties must submit a proposal that includes detailed information about the project, the partner organization, and the resources and capabilities that will be contributed by both parties. Proposals are evaluated by a team of NASA experts, who assess the technical, scientific, and financial feasibility of the proposed project.


If you`re interested in partnering with NASA on a research or development project, the Cooperative Agreement Notice for 2019 is a valuable resource that provides important information about the agency`s requirements and guidelines. By understanding the process for applying for a Cooperative Agreement and identifying projects that align with NASA`s strategic goals, you can maximize your chances of securing a valuable partnership with the agency and contributing to the future of aerospace technology.